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Civil War

Florida Resources

Florida Memory: State Library and Archives of Florida - Florida in the Civil War

Florida Memory’s Online Classroom is designed to help educators use photographs, documents, sound recordings and film footage from the State Library and Archives of Florida. In “Florida in the Civil War,” Read letters, diaries ("I forgot to mention that President Lincoln and some of his cabinet were assassinated on Saturday night.") and official records.

Museum of Florida History - Florida in the Civil War

The information contained in these Museum of Florida History web pages was adapted from the temporary exhibit "Florida in the Civil War," displayed at the Museum of Florida History from December 1997 to May 1998. Many of the components from this exhibit are now displayed in the Civil War area of the Museum's Main Gallery.

Florida Division of Historical Resources - Florida Civil War Heritage Trail

The 80-page Florida Civil War Heritage Trail guidebook examines the state's role in this epic period of American history. The guidebook includes a background essay on the history of the Civil War in Florida, a timeline of events, 31 sidebars on important Florida topics, issues and individuals of the period and a selected bibliography. It also includes information on more than 200 battlefields, fortifications, buildings, cemeteries, museum exhibits, monuments, historical markers and other sites in Florida with direct links to the Civil War.

Florida Civil War Map of Battles


WFSU Resources

Florida Footprints: The Confederate Road - Plantations, cotton and slavery were a big part of middle Florida’s economy by 1860 and the election of a new President challenged that lifestyle. Florida Footprints follows the path the state took once it chose to march down “The Confederate Road.” From slavery and plantations to salt making and soldiers, we explore the skirmishes, battles, and life in Florida during the Civil War.


Resources By Grade

We've compiled this list of resources to help you plan for lessons focused on the Civil War. Please explore the resources below by grade level. Some resources span a large range of grades and therefore will be listed in each category.

Civil War - Middle

View Civil War educator resources for middle school students.

Civil War - High

View Civil War educator resources for high school students

Civil War - Elementary

View Civil War educator resources for elementary students.
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