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Super Why! Reading Camps
Super Why characters in action

WFSU Super Why! Summer Reading Camps
The Super WHY! Summer Camp is a breakthrough three-week long program that invites beginning readers to practice key reading skills and transform into “Super Readers”. The camp was created to teach pre-reading skills to rising kindergarteners and first graders by viewing a clip of the Super WHY! television series each morning and completing corresponding games, crafts and activities throughout the day.  This recipe for learning has been a huge success!

WFSU Super Why! 2015

WFSU was delighted to host two Super Why! Summer Reading Camps in the summer of 2015. The first was offered at Jefferson Elementary School and was sponsored by WFSU's Ready to Learn Grant.

Read Jefferson County WFSU Super Why! Camp 2015 report

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The Second was offered at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Gadsden County and was sponsored by Envision Credit Union. We are so excited that Envision Credit Union became part of this wonderful project and we thank them so much for their support.

Read Chattahoochee WFSU Super Why! Camp 2015 report

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We look forward to working with each of these schools and counties in the future!


WFSU Super Why! 2014
Super WHY! Summer Camp 2014 met mornings, Monday- Thursday,  June 16th – 26th and July 7th -10th. View the following reports from the project:

WFSU Super Why! 2013
WFSU and Super Why! Reading Camps had a fantastic year! In 2013, WFSU teamed up for the 2nd time with United Way of the Big Bend and 12 Leon County Title 1 Schools. The following schools participated in the Super WHY summer reading camp:

  • Bond Elementary
  • Astoria Park Elementary
  • Sabal Palm Elementary
  • Ruediger Elementary
  • Riley Elementary
  • Ft. Braden Elementary
  • Gretchen Everhart School
  • Hartsfield Elementary
  • Apalachee Tapestry Elementary
  • Oak Ridge Elementary
  • Pineview Elementary
  • Woodville Elementary

These schools had great success with the Super WHY Summer Reading Camp - just take a look at the research that has been completed.

WFSU is also very excited to have a new partnership with two Kingdom Life Pre-schools; these centers will be using the Super Why! Camp Curriculum all year long as part of their pre-literacy program.


Project Contact

Tasha Weinstein
Coordinator of Educational Outreach



Project Sponsors

Envision Credit Union