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Education Workshops

WFSU-TV was one of eleven member stations in the US selected by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS KIDS to receive a Ready To Learn (RTL) grant funded by the US Department of Education. You may be wondering what makes WFSU so special to receive this national attention? We believe it’s many things! However, one of the most compelling reasons is clear when comparing our 31% (2014 US Census) local poverty rate with the national rate that year, which was just below 15%. Because PBS Kids reaches more children in low-income homes than any other children’s TV network, our work is critical for large impact on a viewing audience but also provides small scale implementation of best educational practices that combine media and solid teaching practices. These models that PBS and WFSU develops and implements are used for large scale sharing on a nationwide level.

The best news is, this award sustains and develops many of our outreach programs and initiatives which will target low income areas and Title 1 schools throughout of the grant period 2015 and 2020! Even beyond that timeframe, WFSU will continue implementing our tried and true hands-on collaborations with schools and informal educational organizations in and out of the classroom, while also expanding on exciting new opportunities for professionals and educators. These opportunities include:

PBS Kids ScratchJR Workshops

Does the word “coding” scare you? Does it invoke visions of unintelligible green, flickering letters and numbers on a screen? WFSU and PBS Kids to the rescue! PBS KIDS developed ScratchJR in collaboration with MIT and Tufts to quell fears and make coding not only fun, but an integral part of a digital natives learning tool box. Intended for children ages 5-8, the app gives users the ability to create their own stories while also learning the fundamental concepts of coding. We’ll show you how to navigate this exciting new app and provide you with materials for teaching your own coding classes (we will even provide the tablets for the training) in these cutting edge professional development experiences.

Math Mentors Workshops

Our RTL Grant funding from 2010-2015 enabled WFSU to do some wonderful things, one of which is our Math Mentors Program. Created with content from both PBS KIDS Lab and Go Math! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, plus a lot of help from seasoned Astoria Park Elementary teaching professionals, Math Mentors is a state standard approved peer-teaching program developed by WFSU for Kindergarten students. In these trainings, we’ll show you how this program can be used as intended, as well as the ways in which it can be modified depending on your learning objectives. For more information and access to the files and games, click here.

PBS Learning Media Workshops

The digi-child of PBS and WGBH, PBS Learning Media is a mecca of National and Common Core State Standard approved educational content that’s available for free for all educators. Florida teachers are further gifted by the generosity of our Florida State Legislature, as they have funded all Florida teachers to have access to the Custom Content of PBS Learning Media as well! During these workshops, we’ll show you much that Learning Media has to offer: over 100,000 innovative, easily integrated videos, games, audio clips, photos, and lesson plans supportive of PreK-16 instruction, and tools to create materials as well as organize the ready-made content you choose to use in your own classroom.

WFSU and PBS KIDS Early Childcare Educator Workshops

Workshop in Conference Room

In 2013, WFSU partnered with the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend to provide six professional development trainings to early childcare providers. The workshops—with topics that included literacy, math, using technology with young children, and socio-emotional development—received such a positive response from the childcare educators that WFSU Education and Outreach has decided to continue them indefinitely.

The free workshops take place once a month at the office of the ELC from 6:30-8:30 pm. Attendees receive 2 hours of In-Service credit for each workshop. Workshops focus around a particular theme and provide attendees with fun, economical, and easy ways to help their children learn, and help parents get more engaged. Each workshops includes crafts and activities that link to content from PBS and PBS KIDS. You always leave with samples and free goodies!

To register for a workshop please call or email Tasha Weinstein at (850) 645-6062 or tweinstein@fsu.edu. or sign up online at http://www.elcbigbend.org/.


Upcoming Workshops

If you have an idea for a future workshop, or really want to learn more about something, let us know! We are always looking for new themes for our workshops.

Past Workshops

Summer Fun Puzzles

Here you can access PowerPoint presentations and videos from past workshops. Email us if you have any questions about the activities and crafts and we’ll help you figure it out!


Past Workshop Materials

September, 2015 - Halloween Workshop
Download Powerpoint Presentation
January 29, 2015 - Valentine’s Day Workshop
Download Powerpoint Presentation
December 11th, 2014 - Holiday Fun
Download Powerpoint Presentation
November 13th, 2014 - G is for Gratitude
Download Powerpoint Presentation
October 16th, 2014 -Fun Fall Activities for Busy Little People
Agenda | Download Powerpoint Presentation
August 28, 2014 -Back to School: Parent Engagement
July 17th, 2014 - Summer Fun: Water Play
Summer Fun: Water Play flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
May 9th, 2014 - S…is for Summer and for Super Why
S…is for Summer and for Super Why flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
April 17th, 2014 - Exploring Our Home: Planet Earth
Exploring Our Home: Planet Earth flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
February 6th, 2014 - Love is In, On and Over the Air
Love is In, On and Over the Air flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
January 16th, 2014 - Winter Delights
Winter Delights flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
November 14th, 2013 - Holiday Fun with WFSU and PBS KIDS
Holiday Fun with WFSU and PBS KIDS flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation
September 26th, 2013 - Language Arts—Harness the Power!
Language Arts—Harness the Power! flyer Download Powerpoint Presentation

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WFSU Education Contact

Tasha Weinstein

Tasha Weinstein
Manager of Educational Outreach



Education Workshops are Hands-On

Tasha throwing fake snow in the lobby at WFSU

Tasha is making it snow at WFSU! All of our workshops are hands-on and fun. Come ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!