Belle and The Band | All Come In Posted: Thursday, May 25th, 2017 Kathryn Belle Long, Mickey Abraham, Kevin Robertson, and Mike Snelling of the group Belle and The Band perform the song β€œAll Come In β€œ from their 2013 debut album called β€œ Fallen Angel.”
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Belle and The Band and Local Routes 

Belle and The Band have had a busy first and second season with Local Routes. Follow their musical journey with us through the videos below:


They created and performed the theme song for this program in the Summer of 2015.  


In Season 1 they performed their song Tallahassee Waltz in our Studio:


In 2016, they won a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award for that song in the Musical/Composition/Arrangement Category.  


In the spring of 2017 they debuted a new verse to the Theme song.  


In this interview they talk about why they created the new verse and what it was like to win the Emmy.

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