Tiny Desk Concert Contest Tiny Contest Posted: Thursday, April 14th, 2016 Clay Dilmore from Panama City is a teacher, a musician, a songwriter, an NPR listener, and now…drum roll please…he has been voted the winner of the WFSU Tiny Desk Concert Local Contest. We talk to Clay about his winning entry titled Henry Goes To War and WFSU Radio’s Tom Flanigan.
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WFSU-FM's Tom Flanigan Talks with WFSU's Fan Favorite: Clay Dilmore. Hear the story here.


 Clay Dilmore's original entry into NPR's Tiny Desk Concert:


 Clay Dilmore performs "Henry Goes to War" at WFSU (full song):


 WFSU "Tiny Desk" Fan Favorite Clay Dilmore perofrms his original song "Don't" (full song)


Clay Dilmore performs "Movie Scenes" at WFSU (full song)


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