Wolf and Witness | Drifting Posted: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 "Drifting came about, I think at a period where I just felt, ultimately like I didn't know- I was very unsure of the direction I was in." songwriter Jake Dane said. Wolf and Witness engage in an emotional and introspective songwriting process. The Wolf represents their "primitive, more emotional creative place," where the Witness takes this raw material and creates music.
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Wolf and Witness is:


Jake Dane: bass/ vocals

Heath Fowler: keys/ vocals

Adam Hendley: drums/ vocals

Giovanni Marrero-Baez: guitar/ vocals

Holly Riley: fiddle/ vocals


Jake Dane recently appeared on Local Routes playing bass for Taller Trees.  Holly appeared last fall with the Adventures of Annabelle Lyn.  During our interview with Wolf and Witness, we found out that the band members were in a combined 30+ bands.

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