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Question Archive

  • November 14, 2017 - What is mitral valve prolapse?
    Hosted By : Dr. Ghai
  • November 7, 2017 - What precaution should I take if I have a family member with the flu?
    Hosted By : Dr. Mazziotta
  • October 31, 2017 - What is head and neck cancer?
    Hosted By : Dr. Becker
  • October 24, 2017 - What is a sleep study?
    Hosted By : Dr. Huang
  • October 17, 2017 - Can restless leg syndrome affect your sleep?
    Hosted By : Dr. Huang
  • October 10, 2017 - What do I need to know about automated external defibrillators?
    Hosted By : Dr. Escobar
  • October 3, 2017 - What is heat stroke?
    Hosted By : Dr. Ashoo
  • September 26, 2017 - I used to be very active and in all kinds of sports. Why do I seem to be sore or get injured more easily in these activities?
    Hosted By : Dr. Loeb
  • September 19, 2017 - What is the first line treatment of obstructive sleep apnea?
    Hosted By : Dr. Whitaker
  • September 12, 2017 - Why is obstrucive sleep apnea, also known as OSA, dangerous? What tests are done to diagnose OSA?
    Hosted By : Dr. Whitaker