About WFSU Television Webcasts

Attention Firefox Users
We have discovered that there may be a problem on some computers viewing our Flash streams via Mozilla Firefox. It appears that the connection error (error #2032 for example) is exclusive to Firefox on some computers. If you are having the described problem, please try viewing the streams with a different browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.). Adobe is aware of the bug in the most recent Firefox plugin and the next update should correct the issue.

Available Streams


  • WFSU Web 1 will host all Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments. Please refer to the Florida Supreme Court's web site for this schedule;
  • WFSU Web 2 will host all Florida Public Service Commission regularly scheduled agenda conferences. Please refer to the Florida Public Service Commission web site for this schedule;
  • Other webcasts are scheduled on an as-needed basis for clients such as the Florida Department of Health or The Florida State Universtity, either on WFSU Web1 or WFSU Web2.

All other webcast schedues are maintained by The Florida Channel, which is a division of WFSU. To view a schedule for each of these webcasts please visit The Florida Channel's web site. If you have specific questions about this schedule, please contact The Florida Channel at (850) 488-1281.


Typically webcasts that are scheduled for a specific time will not be available until a few minutes before they are schedule to begin. This is especially relevent for WFSU Web 1 and WFSU Web 2. Please do not call stating that you are unable to see a webcast if it is more than a few minutes before its scheduled start time.


First, confirm that a webcast should be running on the specified channel by reading the information above. Not all available webcasts stream 24-hours a day, but follow a schedule.

Please confirm that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your browser. If you are unsure of your browswer's status, you can visit Adobe's Website and use their Flash Player Test.

If you have successfully installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for your browser, please check with your Network Administrator to be sure that streaming video traffic is not blocked via a firewall on your network. Our streams travel over port 80.


Archived web media is available in several different formats depending on origin date. Keep in mind that depending on the file, you will need to install different types of software on your computer. Some of our archived media, particularly Florida Supreme Court cases, are available in Windows Media, Real Player, or Flash, (one or all of the previous formats). You must have the appropriate player installed to play the target media type. Windows Media will require a player such as Windows Media Player that plays .wmv files. Real format media will require Real Player (a free download on the Real Networks site), and Flash media will require the Flash plugin being installed on your browser. Please have a technical person at your home or office help you with these installations as WFSU will not be able to provide support for individual systems.

If you believe that you have the appropriate software installed on your computer, and that your network is not blocked by a firewall, please call (850)487-3170 or email it@wfsu.org to notify us of a possible broken link or other technical issues related to archived media.


While WFSU does not have a help line, we may be able to answer a question that you have. Please contact us at (850) 487-3170 if you have a question that cannot be answered on this page.