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When you donate to WFSU, you help fulfill the mission of Public Broadcasting. You show your support and help us continue the finest quality television, radio, and media services in the area.



  • Membership at any level comes with benefits. The best benefit of all: you join a group of people who do more than listen, watch, and go online; you are now a donor. [more info]



Volunteers at WFSU play an important role in continuing our great programs. Depending on your interests, we have several volunteer opportunities. [more info]


Corporate Sponsorship and Underwriting

Hundreds of local businesses, non-profits and foundations partner with WFSU each year by sponsoring/underwriting a variety of opportunities. Under the WFSU Corporate Sponsorship Program, companies have access to a wide array of media serving a worldwide audience with emphasis on the university community and the Tallahassee/Panama City area. [more info]


Planned Giving

When it comes to supporting WFSU, there are many giving options to choose from and plan for. With a gift to us in your estate or financial plan, you help preserve the future of public media in the region. [more info]


Honor & Memorial Gifts

WFSU gratefully accepts honor and memorial gifts and treats each gift with individual attention. An honorary gift is usually made to honor people who are still living. A gift “in memory of” is a thoughtful tribute to the memory of someone who has passed away and is a wonderful gift to dedicate to the family. [more info]


Vehicle Donation

Have an old car, boat, motorcycle, or personal watercraft taking up space in your driveway? Avoid the hassles of selling it and donate it to WFSU. The proceeds of the sale of your vehicle benefit WFSU and may be tax deductible. [more info]

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To support WFSU, please call 850-645-6070 or donate online.