Radio On-Air Fundraising Drives

Three times a year (in winter, spring, and fall), WFSU-FM holds live radio fundraising drives. These drives help us gather the contributions we need to keep our wonderful radio programs on the air. During these drives, we rely heavily on the help of volunteers and restaurant partners.

Volunteers answer phones, host on-air segments, or donate food from their restaurant or catering business. We have many volunteers from all walks of life including administrative professionals, politicians, retirees, college/university students, community groups, social groups, and more. Our fundraising drive volunteers are required to be age 18 or older.

As a volunteer, you can donate your time as an individual, or you can represent a group or a cause. If you belong to a group or business, we recognize your organization name on air to thank you for your volunteer time. It's a great way to get your name heard by our 66,000+ listeners. If you belong to a group (whether it's a business or an academic, social, or community-service based organization), we’d love to help coordinate members of your group to volunteer together at WFSU. It's a comfortable, casual, indoor environment.

You may also contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Sarah Cassidy Hipsher at 850-645-6071 or to learn more about how your group can benefit from volunteering for a WFSU Radio fundraising drive.


Phone Bank Volunteers

phone bank volunteers

Our largest need for volunteers during our fundraising drives is for our phone bank. Phone bank volunteers answer phones and take pledges using a simple Web-based form in the WFSU radio studio. You will not be telemarketing and there is no outside calling required. Volunteers answer phones and speak with people who call in because they love WFSU and want to support us. Training is provided and staff members are available to help if needed.

For students, Radio fundraising drives are a great way to get involved with WFSU and get service hours (for FSU, FAMU, TCC or another college) in a casual, comfortable environment, with parking and snacks! Additionally, if you are interested in public media, television, and/or radio, but aren’t sure where to start, a radio fundraising drive is a great place to get an idea about what we do at WFSU.

Radio fundraising drives usually last eight to ten days, and most shifts are two hours long. Shifts are scheduled throughout each pledge-drive day. Phone bank volunteers can sign up for one or more shifts during a drive. However, we do ask that you treat each shift as a firm commitment, as we do depend heavily on each volunteer for each shift.

Closer to the start of each drive (usually 4-6 weeks prior), you can sign up for these shifts online. If you would like to be sure you are notified once online sign-up is available, please complete the volunteer form to ensure we have your correct email address, or sign up to receive our volunteer news.

If you have any questions about volunteering for a WFSU Radio fundraising drive, please contact Sarah Cassidy Hipsher at 850-645-6071 or or complete the volunteer form.

View a list of some of our most recent volunteers and groups.

Restaurant Partnerships

Restaurants and caterers generously donate food for the WFSU Radio fundraising drives. The donated food feeds the volunteers who come in to answer the phones and go on-air to discuss why they love public radio. In exchange for providing food, each vendor receives many on-air mentions throughout the day of the donation, usually once an hour.

Your business benefits from partnering with us because:

  • Your donation is recognized often throughout the eight-to-ten-hour pledge day, providing your business with great on-air exposure.
  • Your donation to WFSU is tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.
  • Great word-of-mouth advertising through the volunteers who enjoy your food while in the studio.
  • WFSU offers a great way to introduce your business to a new and informed audience.

If you are a new restaurant, this is also a great way to get your name out! Please contact Sarah Cassidy Hipsher at 850-645-6071 or for more information on partnering with WFSU for our Radio fundraising drives.

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Support Your Public Media Station

To support WFSU, please call 850-645-6070 or donate online.

FM Fundraising Contact

Sarah Cassidy Hipsher
Fundraising Coordinator


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