Volunteer Opportunities at WFSU

Radio Fundraising Drive Volunteers & Partnerships

Three times a year (in winter, spring, and fall), WFSU-FM holds live radio fundraising drives. These drives help us gather the contributions we need to keep our wonderful radio programs on the air. During these drives, we rely heavily on the help of volunteers and restaurant partners.

As a volunteer, you can donate your time as an individual, or you can represent a group or a cause. If you belong to a group or business, we recognize your organization name on air to thank you for your volunteer time. It's a great way to get your name heard by our 66,000+ listeners. If you belong to a group (whether it's a business or an academic, social, or community-service based organization), we'd love to help coordinate members of your group to volunteer together at WFSU. It's a comfortable, casual, indoor environment.

Additionally, local restaurants and caterers generously donate food for the WFSU Radio fundraising drives. The donated food feeds the volunteers who come in to answer the phones and go on air to discuss why they love public radio. In exchange for providing food, each vendor receives many on-air mentions throughout the day of the donation, usually once an hour.

Learn more about volunteering or partnering with WFSU for the Radio fundraising drives.

You may also contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Sarah Cassidy Hipsher at 850-645-6071 or sarahch@wfsu.org to learn more about how you or your group can benefit from volunteering for a WFSU Radio fundraising drive.


Special Events & General Volunteering

Perhaps none of the aforementioned volunteer opportunities  piqued your interest but you would still like to get involved with WFSU. That’s not a problem. We occasionally need general office help or assistance with special projects and membership events. Just submit the volunteer form, and we will keep your information on file and notify you of other volunteer opportunities when they arise. Let us know if you have received a background check so we can also send you information about education events.

Volunteer Form


Education Events & Community Outreach

WFSU's education and community outreach department provides resources to encourage healthy learning. Through online tools, community events, television programs, learning symposiums and more, WFSU is dedicated to helping children learn.

Whether you are an education professional, or a student interested in education, there are many opportunities for you to further your experience and have a little fun with WFSU. We need general volunteers for events, which occur 5-6 times a year. We also have opportunities for internships that require a regular, weekly commitment.

Please note that because we work with children, all volunteers in the education department must have security clearance from a school district or a background check from another institution or organization. WFSU does not supply or coordinate these measures for volunteers, so you must have a current photo badge from your school district, or another form of identification that proves you received screening. 

If you are interested in volunteering for the education department, please send an email with mention of your background check clearance and issuing institution to tweinstein@fsu.edu. Please enter “Education Intern/Volunteer” in the subject line. 


Radio News Internships

The Radio News department accepts interns on an as-needed basis. No broadcast experience is necessary to get an internship, but some experience is preferable. Additionally:

  • Internships can be done for credit at various universities.
  • Interns are expected to keep a regular schedule, working at least 2-3 days per week (and ideally more).
  • The internship does not guarantee on-air work, but successful interns will earn the opportunity to do stories for air.
  • Internships can be tailored somewhat to interest in government, education, the environment, or health care.
  • Some knowledge of Florida government is a plus.
  • Applicants should be proficient with Microsoft Word.
  • Knowledge of social media is helpful.

If you are interested in interning in the radio news department, please submit a cover letter and resume to Lynn Hatter, at lhatter@fsu.edu. Please include your favorite WFSU-FM program in your cover letter.


Television Production

Priority for internships in TV production is given to university students in related academic programs. Internship applications are accepted only after academic recommendation. If you are interested in interning or volunteering in TV production, please consult a professor or advisor in the College of Communication and/or media department at your higher education institution.

Fundraising Volunteer Contact

Sarah Cassidy Hipsher
Fundraising Coordinator



Radio News Intern Contact

Lynn Hatter



Education Volunteer Contact

Tasha Weinstein
Coordinator of Educational Outreach