WFSU High Scores

9410 Alex Tallahassee, FL
8330 Kevin Tallahassee, FL
5620 josh tallahassee, FL
4920 Cheyenne Tallahassee, FL
4525 Cyd Tallahassee, FL
4525 Cheyenne Tallahassee, FL
4125 Pika Winter Park, FL
3735 Cheyenne Tallahassee, FL

Daily Recycling

Where do you recycle during the day?

It may be really simple to recycle at home. Bins are provided to sort paper from plastics and glass. In most North Florida homes it's relatively simple. But when we are out and about during the day, where do we recycle?

Use the button below to upload your photos of where you recycle while you are traveling around town. Maybe you'll teach some of us to use these receptacles instead of a trash bin!

A Flickr account is required to upload your photo. Flickr is a free service from Yahoo! Click below to get started.