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If you have questions or feedback about your membership, pledging, premiums or other membership-related matters, contact Member Services <>.

If you have questions about TV programs, schedules, or station information contact Programming by sending e-mail to Sarah Cassidy Hipsher <> or by filling out the form below.

If you have questions about radio programs, schedules, or station information contact radio by sending e-mail to Lydell Rawls <> or by filling out the form below.

Sending a press or news release

  • For press events, please email or fax your release to WFSU-FM: <> or 850-487-3293;
  • The Florida Channel: <> or 850-488-4876;
  • a local event to be featured on WFSU dimensions: 850-645-2025 or <>.

Posting a community event online
Community event information can be posted online free of charge. Your submission may be featured on the WFSU television program, WFSU dimensions (depending on availability of crew, resources, and time constraints). Please visit:

Mailing addresses & main phone numbers:

1600 Red Barber Plaza
Tallahassee FL 32310
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Phone: 850-645-7200
Fax: 850-487-3093

WFSU Radio
Phone: 850-487-3086
Fax: 850-487-2611
Fax, News Division: 850-487-3293

WFSU-TV/The Florida Channel
Suite 901, The Capitol Bldg
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
Phone: 850-488-1281
Fax: 850-488-4876
TFC Newsroom:

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