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Hours: The Kirk Collection is available to the public for viewing Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, excluding holidays.
Everyone has a radio story...a memory from when they first heard their favorite song or their favorite radio program. The 300-piece Kirk Collection at the WFSU Broadcast Center helps bring those stories and memories to life.
The Kirk Collection is a collection of nearly 300 antique radios, record players and music boxes housed in the WFSU Broadcast Center at 1600 Red Barber Plaza in Tallahassee.

Accumulated over 60 years by Florida State University Alumnus and retired radio broadcaster Jim Kirk, the collection showcases radios from the very beginning of radio broadcasting in the 1920's through the late 1960's - as well as antique music boxes, record players, microphones, and telephones.

The radio first became popular to Americans in the 1920s. Since then, the radio has been steadily evolving both technologically and physically. WFSU's collection of antiques, which also includes televisions, microphones and other sound equipment, displays broadcast history's unique beauty as well as its incredible variety in design and style. The collection allows us to look back and appreciate that the radio, in particular, remains as one of the most significant inventions in communications technology

We invite you to visit the Kirk Collection, housed in WFSU's lobby, either on your own or with a group. If you would like to have a personalized or group tour, please contact WFSU in advance. When you come in to view the collection, be sure to grab a brochure. Inside you can view a list of all the items on display, or read more information and stories about some of the pieces in the collection.