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Get to Know our 2017 Summer Squad!

We at WFSU Education were super fortunate to have a fantastic group of summer staff members on board for our craziest time of the year this year. Read a little about their time with us, and keep us in mind if you're looking for volunteer or internship experience!

WFSU’s Speedy Delivery

Moments of validation in life are sometimes few and far between, and even more rarely come in packages stamped with the words “SPEEDY DELIVERY”.

Staff Picks: Favorite Books

Our staff members discuss their favorite childhood books and what kids will find to enjoy about them.

Howling Wind...

Rain hurtling sideways.

Thoughts on Books

There are few things in life that allow us the chance to reconnect with our childhood in an organic and meaningful way.
Ammar Abdullah talks about his experience during Ramadan

My Experience: Ramadan

Ammar Abdullah, a junior at Rickards High School and a practicing Muslim, describes his experiences during Ramadan.
Play Kart Kingdom this Spring Break!

Spring Break in the Kingdom of Karts!

Kart Kingdom is a great game for kids to play and learn with during Spring Break!
Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth giving her TED Talk

TED Talks Education: Personal Grit as Key to Success

Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth gives a TED Talk on motivation's role in students' success.

‘Tis the Season For Shakespeare

You are going to hear a lot more than this about Shakespeare this year with WFSU! We recently received a very special grant that Shakespeare's MacBeth[http://blog.

Just Give It A Try!

The Fred Rogers Company encourages kids to take safe risks in class such as, offering ideas in class discussions, asking questions, trying new things, and tackling problems that seem challenging.

Making puppets with Kids

Are you in desperate need of some good old-fashioned quality time with your kids? There’s nothing more bonding than sitting down at your kitchen table and letting those creative juices flow.

Cooking with Kids

PBS Parents is helping to provide you with top notch resources for the holidays, homeschooling, hat making, and everything in between with Kitchen Explorers
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Hannah Power
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