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Howling Wind...

Rain hurtling sideways. Crashing tree limbs. Rising water.
And, of course, the dreaded power outage. Hurricane Hermine brought damage and inconvenience for those of us accustomed to climate-controlled homes, hot coffee, running water and cable TV. Even worse, some folks are dealing with the aftermath of flooding and major damage to their homes or businesses.
But, what about the upside of the storm? Did any good come out of such a ferocious visitor to the Big Bend? There are certainly plenty of heart-warming stories, and hopefully, we’ll be hearing lots of them as we recover from Hermine’s rude visit. Here are just a few positives from the top of our heads:


  • An occasion to help neighbors we hardly ever see.
  • Due to no cable TV service, my 84-year old mother has rediscovered the treasure of Public Radio.
  • Opportunities for extended conversation with loved ones instead of the typical messages truncated to fit into TV commercial breaks.
  • A chance for much-needed exercise as a by-product of picking up storm debris
  • More wood is now available for the fire pit

And, finally, we think it’s safe to say we all have a spirit of thankfulness that the damage and our inconvenience could have been much, much worse!

~ Diane Kroeger, Curriculum Specialist

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