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My Experience: Ramadan

Ammar Abdullah talks about his experience during Ramadan

Ammar Abdullah is WFSU's junior intern this summer, through the Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy. He is a rising junior in the IB Program at Rickards High School and WFSU Education Department is keeping him very busy assisting the Education Department at camps and in the office. We are so pleased that Ammar was willing to write a blog post sharing about his experience during the month of Ramadan! By the way, if you haven't seen it already, there is a new Curious George Book available that is a great way to share the highlights of this special month with young children.

My name is Ammar Abdullah, I attend Rickards High School and I am a Muslim currently going through the religious month of Ramadan. When most people think of Ramadan they probably picture Muslims just laying around not eating anything. This is a fair and semi-correct assumption, but that is not all that goes on during this month. For example, during the evening when it is time to break one's fast, gatherings take place at the local mosques. There you can find food from different cultures (Indian, Bengali, Arabic, Etc.), bottled water, and children playing in the warm summer field. People socialize amongst each other, play games and become one large, friendly community.

Ramadan is a special designated month - it is the month when Mohammad revealed our holy book the Quran. When the sun goes down and the sky becomes dark, some Muslims gather in the mosque and read one chapter of the Quran. By the end of the month, the entirety of the Quran has been read. By the end of Ramadan, not only have you have bonded with your fellow Muslims, but you will learn lessons about working with others and being a good person.

Ammar will be featured on our ongoing American Graduate Radio Series "Voices from the Classroom" on July 7th.

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