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Spring Break in the Kingdom of Karts!

Play Kart Kingdom this Spring Break!

Are you a PBS Kids lover? Do you also love…fun? Do you love… learning stuff too?

Good news – we have an exciting game for you and your Spring Break-ers: Kart Kingdom! This educational, free, and addictive game has been hooking kids on systems thinking all over the US since its launch in March 2015.

Systems thinking is the basic building block of science, engineering, and essentially any task that requires design as a solution to a problem. Fundamentally, it is the ability to recognize an issue and alter a system or process to effect the outcome of a function or task.

Kart Kingdom does just that! It exercises the part of the brain responsible for developing these skills while under the guise of a colorful, highly customizable and easy-to-control go-kart. Children create their carts and then zoom across all kinds of whimsical terrain all the while collecting components for creating gadgets to increase their karts functionality!

There are loads of different “quests” to complete, taking your adventurous little monster / character / PBS persona to the tip tops of mountains to the depths of the sea in the pursuit of new ways to travel and spiffy upgrades for your cart (Kart Parts). As you successfully finish your missions, you unlock new items and gradually add more options of widgets to choose from. The further you get, the more critical thinking is required. Is the Bunny gadget more effective than the Balloons for reaching the Sea Otter at the top of that tree? Do I need to go back to a previous area to get supplies I may have missed to make a Hot Air Balloon? or even… Do Sea Otters even hang out in trees?

As if all of that isn’t enough, the Kart Kingdom universe isn’t limited to an action-packed game with wonderfully jazzy background music! There is a blog feature as well that includes updates on kart costume competitions and server hangouts like a Ready Jet Go! themed Moon Party. Players can add friends and team up to help complete gadgets that others may not have all of the components for yet.


If you’re worried because you don’t have any exciting plans for Spring Break this year, never fear – WFSU/PBS Kids is here with a whole new world of adventure and learning to be had right in your own home. Visit Kart Kingdom today!

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